floor sanding and restoration
floor sanding and restoration

Domestic Floor Sanding & Maintenance

Whatever you are looking for from a floor coating – shine,  colour, slip resistance or durability we can find perfect solution  that will allow you to enjoy your new floor for many years. Using high-quality products like Bona and Osmo is essential  for optimal results

Sanding Engineered Wood Flooring

Trust the professionals at our floor sanding service to handle your engineered wood flooring with expertise and precision.
While many floor retailers claim that a 3 mm top layer can be
sanded three times, the reality is different.

Without professional sanding, the risk of removing the entire top layer
on the first attempt is high. With our service, you can count on at least two sanding sessions while preserving the integrity of your engineered floors. Choose us for reliable and skilled floor sanding for your engineered wood flooring needs.

Sanding Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is highly susceptible to external factors like humidity, making it crucial to minimize the time your floors remain unprotected after sanding. Our dedicated team specializes in tailored techniques to restore the natural beauty of your floors. Minimize exposure with prompt completion, protecting against potential damage.

Sanding Engineered Wood Flooring
Parquet Floor Sanding green tree

Parquet Floor Sanding and Restoration

Leave the art of parquet floor finishing to the professionals. With small wood pieces and grains running in various directions, parquet floor sanding requires precise care for a smooth and delightful appearance.

At Green Tree Wood Flooring, you can trust our skilled team to handle your parquet flooring, ensuring flawless results and bringing out its inherent beauty. Choose our expert service for transformative parquet floor sanding and restoration.

Original Floorboards Restoration

Restoring floorboards is a challenging task that requires professional expertise. Our dedicated team handles every aspect, from carpet removal to board repairs and refitting.

With a meticulous attention to detail, we bring out the beauty of your floorboards, creating captivating and timeless results.

Trust our expertise for stunning floorboard restoration.

Original Floorboards Restoration green tree

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