floor sanding and restoration
floor sanding and restoration


Wood Floor Sanding

Using comprehensive sanding equipment , techniques, abrasives and dust containment systems, the floor is sanded down to the bare wood and then finished with the look and protection it needs and deserves.
It’s like getting a whole new floor with endless possibilities

Lagler Hummel: Power and Precision for First Sanding

When it comes to tackling the initial sanding stage, the Lagler
Hummel stands as a force to be reckoned with.

Renowned for its power, efficiency, and unrivaled performance, the Hummel is a staple in the floor sanding industry.

This heavy-duty belt sander excels at removing old finishes, leveling uneven surfaces, and eliminating imperfections from hardwood floors.

With its advanced dust containment system, the Lagler Hummel significantly reduces airborne dust, creating a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Lagler Hummel Power Sanding
Bona Flexisand Powerdrive System

Blending with Bona Flexisand 1.9 and Powerdrive System

Switching to the Bona Flexisand 1.9 system, we can seamlessly blend the freshly sanded areas with the surrounding floor.

Its versatility allows you to precisely feather out repairs and transitions, ensuring a harmonious and uniform appearance.

Final Sanding with Bona Flexisand 1.9 and Powerdrive System

The Bona Flexisand 1.9 system takes on the final sanding stage, achieving a smooth and refined finish.

Its interchangeable discs and adaptable design allow for customized sanding based on the floor’s unique needs.

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